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Living in Brighton, you don’t need to drive, I got on perfectly well as a non-driver until 25. I know proper adults (like in their 60s) who never learnt. If you live in Brighton or Hove you can pretty much walk anywhere and our buses are quite good, if not a bit pricey.

When I learnt to drive it was very much an exercise to do something for me. I was suffering from low self-esteem and doing something solely for myself was empowering. But now that I have been driving for about 5 years, the novelty has worn off.

I actually really dislike driving. I’m not an awful driver, but I am quite a nervous driver. I am over cautious and best when there is no one in the car. It would be quite interesting to get one of those boxes in my car that assess your driving for the insurance people.

In an ideal world, Joe would drive too, but he doesn’t. He goes through stages when he starts learning, but then will miss a week and then it completely stops. His learners permit recently expired, I guess it’s a good sign that he promptly renewed it, but part of me will not be surprised if it happens again in 10 years time. There are several quite annoying things about Joe not driving and I thought I would share them with you.

1. I am DES

This is really showing my age. When I was at college they had a campaign ‘DES is your best friend’, or something to that effect. It encouraged students DESignate someone not to drink and then drive everyone home safely. This is me. I AM DES.

Any event or party that is a bit too far out to get public transport or a taxi home I become Des. Joe can have ALL the beers, I know that you don’t have to drink to have a good time, but sometimes being around drunk people isn’t that fun.

2. Can you pick me up, please? Oh yeah….

No this isn’t about Joe, he doesn’t call me to pick him up. But as he doesn’t drive it means that no-one can pick me up.

3. Back seat driving

It’s pretty fudging annoying when someone is telling you how to drive. When that person can’t drive and says things like – “stop here” (I can’t just stop on a roundabout), or “overtake them”, then you just feel like kicking them out of the car.

4. Back seat road rage

Not only does Joe tell me how to drive, he also gets road rage! He’s even shouted at old ladies who were blocking a ‘no parking’ zone with their car.

5. My car insurance

As he always has the intention to learn how to drive I usually put him on my car insurance (as a learner of course) which costs me a fair bit of dollar. This time I refused to put him on it until he passed. 

How are the non-drivers or drivers in your life?

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