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My kitchen is filled with gadgets, Joe will testify that many of them don’t get used. Or are regularly used when I first get them and then go to the graveyard, aka the cupboard, for the rest of their miserable existence.

Legal and General have done some research on the way kitchen tech is developing, which might surprise you. In the 1950s, they imagined we’d have self cleaning kitchens and robot assitants but we seem to have moved towards appliance efficiency and nolvelty features – such as the  fridge that streams

When I think about the gadgets of the future, there are two main thing that I feel are important. One is energy efficiency and the other is making life easier. Something that I would like to see created is a planner/tracker that connects your fridge and freezer sending the following data to an app :

  • What is in my fridge/freezer, great for the food shop.
  • Looks at your supplies and give you recipes that I can make with it.
  • Help create a balanced meal plan 
  • Remind you to take things out of the freezer when needed
  • Help make cost-effective meals for multiple people
  • Remind you what leftovers you have
  • Near sell-by date alerts

Not only would this make life soo much easier, but it means that as a country we could address our food waste issues, promote health lifestyles and also help people save money!

What is would kitchen gadget do you hope for in the future?

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