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I’ve been a bit quiet on here for the last month. I’ve been jet setting around the EU for work – visiting Prague and Paris and then shooting up to Nottingham for a wedding. Somewhere in that hectic 2 weeks we also decided to move house with literally 10 days notice, most of which I was away for.

It was really sad leaving the flat after 7years, we had some fantastic times there. We feel like it is still ours. But it’s starting a new chapter with its new people who have put a guitar where the TV goes and replaced our curtains with blinds. Idiots.

Our new place is a house. It means we’re real adults, with space to have a baby when we are ready (how grown up do I sound?).

As we are planning to be here a while we thought we’d really put our mark on the place, starting with the lounge/dining room. We decided to paint the wall with ‘Willow Tree’ by Dulux. We chose a vinyl matte finish, we’d recommend going somewhere like Kent Blaxill to look at paint colours, finishes and discuss the options of mixing your own colour.

To dress the space, so to speak, I have chosen accent colours of pinks, grey and golds. The hot pink is a really nice contrast to the green and really makes it pop, where as the grey is a much more neutral accent.

Our room is basically two rooms with the separating wall knocked through. On one side is the lounge area and the other is ou dining area. Although both spaces are painted the same colour, the accents in each are different giving them two different feelings. Where the lounge has accents of pink, the dinner has more rustic golds and whites. I will share proper images when the decorating is complete, but here is a sneak peek from the dining room.

Let me know what you think about my choices, or how you decorated your lounge!

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