Brighton | Pride Weekend 2015

Growing up in Brighton, Pride is a rite of passage, it’s just something you do. When I was a teenager it was very different – you didn’t have to buy a ticket. Although it was a big thing it was nothing like it is now thanks to Thomas Cook Airlines sponsoring the event. They were also kind enough to give Joe and I tickets.

It is really great to grow up in such a diverse city where pride and equality, something that Brighton have fought for long before I was born is celebrated by all. But the danger of this is that you don’t always grasp how much of an issue it still is all around the world. This did not go unacknowledged at Pride.

I am proud to be partly Iranian, but not always proud of the laws or the beliefs held by those in power.

This was my first Pride, since the event became ticketed and I’ll be honest, I wasn’t sure how good it would be. I have wild memories of being a drunk fairy wondering around the park and it’s surrounding areas, but being (almost) 30 I’m a very different creature now!

I haven’t mentioned this before, but Joe is in the process of opening up a barbershop at the moment so we had things to do in the morning when the parade was on. We were completely unaware that things had been postponed due to a bomb scare.

We arrived and luckily bumped into a few friends, who we spent the rest of the day with jumping from seeing Tulisa on the main stage, to the Dance and Urban tents. The atmosphere was incredible and screaming my heart out to Human League just topped off the night!

Did you go to Pride? Have you ever been to any Pride event?

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