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I’ve been a fan of coloured contacts since my teens. I’d always been obsessed with having blue eyes – but I just looked crazy. I then went through a phase of wearing lilac lenses, which were equally odd. Finally, I decided that I should enhance my natural eye colour, hazel with green bits, and try green lenses – which looked great.

Recently, I had the chance to play with my eye colour again. I was invited to have a vintage makeover at Betty Lou Salon, by Feel Good Contacts. A few Sundays ago I headed down to the salon for my makeover and photoshoot courtesy of Katariina of Light Trick photography. I was joined by some Feel Good Contact competition winners and fellow bloggers Lyndsay and Sophie. Every ones transformation was amazing.

I again opted for natural green, Emerald to be precise, coloured lenses, a lovely but subtle change. Saying that my dad didn’t recognise me in the photos and Joe wasn’t sure what to make of it.

Before the makeover started it was time to put the lenses in – I got one in straight away but then spent a good few minutes poking myself in the eye for the second one. Once my eyes had adjusted to having the lenses in I headed into the chair for MUA, Martha, to work her magic. I love vintage/ 50s inspired makeup, I think it is just so classic and chic so was delighted with my perfect cats eye (how do they make it seem so easy) and a beautiful Chanel red lip.

Next up was my barnet. I often wear two victory rolls in my hair, so decided to be a bit adventurous and try something else. Apprentice, Lucy worked some sort of structure miracle, making me look like I actually had hair. But keeping it soft and each pin curl perfect. I loved it.

I had slightly been cringing at the thought of a photo shoot, especially as I didn’t have any vintage clothes like the other girlies. However, armed with my new look and with some top posing tips from Katariina I actually quite enjoyed it.

It was such a lovely day and I wish that I had somewhere to go and show off my new glamorous look but instead I returned home to unpack the house!

Big thank you to Betty Lou Vintage Salon, Light Trick Photography and Feel Good Contacts for such a lovely and fun day. What do you think of my green peepers? What colour would you go for?

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