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About MEATLiquor

MEATLiquor has been in Brighton nearly two years now. I’ve been a few times and had my fill, but never had my camera with me. Considering the lighting, an iPhone camera is just not going to cut it.

If you haven’t heard of  the MEATLiquor chain, it’s all in the name, they do meat and booze. Although, they now have a substantial list of vegan and veggie offerings. Their liquor menu is quite extensive. They serve various cocktails, craft beer, tall drinks and Joe’s favourite – Picklebacks.

Part of the MEATLiquor experience is the atmosphere and the décor. It’s definitely aimed at trendy people and the younger generations (me included!). I personally love the styling and the lighting, however, I can see how the loud music and black light could not be suitable for some people.

Let’s talk food

The food is served on trays, which personally I love, it makes it much easier to share take Joes Wings or Monkey Fingers! On this trip I chose the Green Chilli burger, the hottest one on the menu, which I love, although the Red Chilli Burger is also good as is the Buffalo Chicken burger – although that one usually requires the top button to be undone! Joe went for what I guess is MeatLiqor’s signature – the Dead Hippy Burger, he describes it like a gourmet Big Mac – but 10 times better. Their burgers come rare in the middle – which I feel is a must, but if that’s not for you then just ask for it to be well done when you order.

Don’t forget the sides

Side-wise we went for Money Finger, basically Buffalo Wings sans the bones, and the Gunpowder Shrimp. I’d also recommend the Chilli Fries, although whenever we order 9/10 our eye are much too big for our bellies!

It’s always really nice to treat yourself to a few cocktails while you are there – I’m a big fan of the Pink Flamingo.

Have you been to MeatLiquor yet?

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