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Maybe life has always been this busy, somehow there just does not seem to be enough hours in the day. Especially now that Joe has opened his barbershop and is working 7 days a week to build up the business.

Between work, housework, blogging and catering for students I feel like I am forever working from a list of things to do. Anything to make my life easier is a blessing. First Utility is doing a social media campaign to find the best life hacks and have asked me to share mine.

For me, it is my slow cooker. Often associated with creating yummy Winter meals, the mighty slow cooker is regularly forgotten over Summer. But there is no need to limit your slow cooker usage to hearty stews, it can be a Summer superstar.

When I get home from work I have to feed my students (and Joe), if it was just the two of us then I could be a bit more relaxed but we have a set dinner time to make everyone’s life easier. So I walk through the door, dump my bag, feed the cat and get to work on dinner.

However, with my slow cooker, dinner is ready when I walk through the doors, most of the time I just need to pop some rice on or some potatoes in. I can relax a bit and get on with other things and leisurely prep tomorrow’s dinner in my own time.

There have been a few summer recipes that I have deemed life savers the last few months and I thought I would share them.

1. Slow Cooker Fajitas

2. Pulled Chicken – Serve in a bun or with homemade chips

3. Chilli – Serve with rice or Nachos!

4. Meat Sauce for Pastas

5. Barbacoa Beef

What is your biggest life hack?

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