Beauty | Italian Summer Fig to remind you of summer

They say that a smell can trigger all sort of memories, certain aftershaves can bring an ex lover to mind, or heat in the air remind you of an amazing holiday you once went on. This exactly what happened when I first smelt The Body Shop’s latest fragrance, Italian Summer Fig.

The sweet but subtle fragrance instantly reminded me of when I was a little girl and we lived with my nan. She had two massive green houses, one filled with figs. My dad and I would pick them for breakfast. It then a second memory hit, one of summers in Spain pick figs in my grandads garden.

Despite the sweetness of the smell, it is well balanced so that you don’t smell like a cupcake, and it is light enough that it people around you get a subtle whiff rather than being suffocated with a harsh and heavy fragrance. Even Joe likes it and he is not an easy man to please.

What smells trigger memories for you?

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Love Lilla xx

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