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So the summer looks like it is almost over. I have to admit, I don’t really feel like I’ve had much of a summer. The weather has been a bit of a let-down, and I guess I’m still in that mood to jet set somewhere hot and sunny. A quick getaway can be a challenge to pack for. As a romantic gesture, wouldn’t you just love to be whisked away somewhere incredible? The trouble is, there is no way I would trust another person to pack everything I need! So, my mission this weekend is to pack a quick escape bag.

I like the idea of having a bag ready to go. It means I could take advantage of any last minute bookings, or say yes to a journey on a whim. I have a few essentials that would need to be in there. Then I could just pop the bag in the wardrobe ready for a last minute holiday, anytime. So what needs to go in?

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I think I might start with tops. A cammie, a vest, and a summer shirt get popped in first. A cute top ideal for a night club makes the cut too. For bottoms, I want a long skirt, a shorter skirt, and some light trousers. How many days should I pack for? This is turning out harder than I thought. A mystery holiday that hasn’t even been decided yet, to an unknown location is really tough to pack for!

Flat sandals and strappy shoes need to go in. And a cute summer dress, or two. I think a sun hat ought to be squeezed in somewhere. I nearly forgot to pack the bikinis! And some underwear might be a good idea too.

Now it’s time to figure out what accessories I need. Most of what I have packed is pretty casual. I haven’t got a spare, so I’ll have a look at some sale watches for the suitcase. A light-weight scarf will be a great multi-purpose accessory too. I could tie it in my hair, around my waist or drape it over my shoulders.

I have plenty of costume jewelry. Most of it goes with anything, but space is getting tight in my little suitcase now. I think two choices of everything should be enough. I’ve got necklaces and bracelets for every occasion. One for dressy and one for a casual look should be fine. I think some hoop earrings would be great for any outfit.

The more I pack, the more I dream about that last minute getaway. If I want to travel light, I will have to limit how many days of clothes I can take. A lightweight jacket is ideal in case the weather isn’t perfect when I arrive at my dream destination. I have a lovely oversized handbag that is ideal for carrying on holiday too.

Now everything is packed except my Kindle. I’m ready for someone to whisk me away for the weekend, or longer. Still, it’s not likely to happen anytime soon. But if it does, I’m ready to go. Where did I put my passport?

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