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My husband laughs at the concept of my book nook, but years of Pinterest have convinced me that I would have one when I had a house. Now we are living in a house, I decided this was my time.

It’s not an awesome book nook where you can have complete silence and lie down and watch the stars in between chapters, or some lovely duvet den, rather an alcove in the lounge with a wicker chair and cushions.

I just wanted a space that I could retreat to read. I love reading, which was something that would surprise many, as when I was younger I hated reading. I’m also the only person in my family (apart from my nan) who likes to read. A great book can change your life, your outlook on life and provide you with advice or quotes to help you through anything.

In a bid to make the space more special, I decided to add this ‘Love’ Shaped Wall Hanging Light* from Iconic Lights. Sadly, we are suffering from a bit of damp at the moment, so I can’t put it up quite yet, so it resides under our fireplace to help brighten up the room in the evenings.

Joe did ban me from getting anymore ‘Love’ stuff for the house, but I figured that as the letters on my ‘Love’ pillows are now fading it would be OK.

Is a book nook one of your aspirational home goals? Or would you rather a knitting room or a crafts room?

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