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Having moved house recently, I have been thinking about how I would one day decorate my own home.

Most rooms I can tackle now, but it’s not really possible to do a kitchen in rented houses. In my last flat we had a dark fake stone laminate floor, which I now realise was a blessing in disguise. The new house has a cream tiled floor, which looks gorgeous… for 5 minutes after you clean it, then it shows up every stain, mark and cat hair. It isn’t something that I had previously thought of to be honest, but I now know that I won’t be having a cream or white floors in my future kitchen.

One thing that I have always wanted in my kitchen is an Aga like the one above. I love the idea of
cooking big hearty meals with an Aga, my future family all in the kitchen, the centre of the house, let’s face it – my nan always does carrots and potatoes when she has access to one – I guess in many ways it is like a giant slow cooker.

I think too often kitchens are full of silver/black or white appliances, leaving them feeling very clinical or boring. I love the pop of colour that the Aga adds to the space, you can then add all sorts of colour to the rest of the room – maybe even add some blue vintage plates to match. I love the way that the Aga then brings the colours out on the book spines, but is not too over-powering.

The exposed brick is also something that I love, with exposed copper piping and matching copper
cutlery, pots and cups. I have a really big thing for copper kitchen accessories at the moment; I love the sort of industrial feel the brick and copper can bring to a room. I have seen some great pictures of
exposed brick kitchens with herb planters clipped on the wall and chalk paint used for noticeboards. The combination of brick, copper and the pop of the Aga, could give a lovely old country kitchen feel to the space. For more inspiration look here.

What is your dream kitchen like? Are you an Aga obsessive?

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