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Credit: Kris Atomic

It has continued to be go go go on my end, between work and
life I have very little time to blog, which sucks, but also explains why I am
only getting around to writing this post. Back in July, I was invited to get involved
in Canesten’s #getcomfortable
campaign focusing on being body confident and relaxed. To get in the mood and
extra comfortable, we were invited up to an amazing Apartment in London, for
massages, candle making and indulgent food.

Credit: Kris Atomic

I was allowed to bring a friend along, and thought that this
event would be perfect for my sister Bella. At 16, she is now growing up in the
most critical and image focused time, possibly in history. Every image that is
fed to her by television, magazines and the internet is photoshopped. If not
photoshopped they are images accompanying vile articles, highlighting womens
tiniest flaws, or calling anyone over a size 8 curvy or ‘heavier’. Despite
this, she is actually the most confident person I know. She knows what makes
her comfortable, how she likes to look and who she is, and if that doesn’t suit
you, then you don’t suit her. To be honest, I admire her for it.

Credit: Kris Atomic

As well as, being pampered I was also treated to an amazing
photoshoot with the talented Kris Atomic, who made me feel great in front of the camera
and created images that didn’t make me recoil. She was so chatty and calm, that
I felt like I was having a catch up with an old friend, which allowed me to
relax and get comfortable rather than being conscious of my chin or teeth!

Credit: Kris Atomic
Credit: Kris Atomic

To help us be confident in all situations life deal us, celebrity
motivational speaker, Judi James, taught us about our body language and how
this can differ between the sexes – men tend to spread out more and be more
open as they try to become the alpha or the dominant male, whereas women are
often small and closed, making them seem submissive or unconfident, which I
found to be very interesting.

Credit: Kris Atomic

Canesten is committed to educating women by improving
their confidence, and providing resources to understand their own bodies and
help women get comfortable. And where else could be the best place to
start boosting your confidence, than on the inside? We all know Canesten, as
the leading brand for feminine health and as women in this world, we have
enough pressure and endless messages telling us we aren’t good enough, so why lose
confidence over something that can be sorted with such ease?

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