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With the change of seasons comes a chance to give our homes a facelift. A peek into the upcoming winter 2015 gives us a lot of room to flex our creative muscles. There are a few 2015 décor trends that designers seem to have in common this year. These involve leaving the brightness and warmth of summer, while embracing bold colours and cosy textures for the cooler months. One trend involves bringing the outdoors inside, with the intent of being surrounded by nature while adding a touch of modernity – just because we can. The style is organic and metallic with pops of colour amongst camel backgrounds and winter-grey walls.  We are seeing cosy but luxurious, with chunky knits and textured materials.

Also trending are nature-inspired pieces all coming together with the home accents that harken a classy, yet warm log cabin or barn. Almost anything goes as long as it is done with style and moderation.

For example, it doesn’t hurt to add a bit of whimsical and fun to an otherwise rustic tone. One way to do this is to add a delicate-looking but resilient fireguard to a traditional-looking fireplace. This whimsical look can also be achieved with a throwback to the roaring twenties, using items that have metallic or mirrored surfaces. A shiny metallic coffee table that you might originally assume doesn’t match, could – on the contrary – really make the room come together, allowing for more flexibility in your design. If you don’t feel like buying a completely new coffee table, consider purchasing a metallic tray to set on top of your existing one.
"Right now, I am loving bold geometric shapes mixed with organic materials. From oversized chevron to diamond shapes and everything in between, geometric patterns are popping up everywhere.  Combining the strength of these patterns with well-worn materials like reclaimed wood, aged metals and textural fabrics is something that has really inspired me this season."-Jeff Andrews, Interior Designer

You may even already have the rustic, classy look that is popular this winter. Consider shining a light on wall or floor tiles with an aluminium spotlight that is barely visible from a ceiling track, yet gives justice to the artwork under your feet or hanging from your walls.

Don’t forget about your hallway. This is another area where a spotlight can help make a big difference. A seasonal item can be highlighted with track lighting, allowing it to take on a completely new look for winter. Of course with the holidays in December, it should be easy enough to find a seasonal piece that you want to highlight. These can be timeless; however the 2015 period is all about natural and farmhouse-style looks that include items like pinecones and paper bag luminaries.

One understated décor item is the common houseplant, after all just because everything is dying
outside doesn’t mean that you can’t keep your inside environment lively. A simple fern is easy to care for and brings a bit of life and colour indoors when everything outside is dying. Plus, they can change their wardrobe with the seasons just like you do. Consider a new planter and some accent lighting to show them off. Or you could embrace the outdoors by bringing it inside with a quirky accent piece that puts the winter weather on a pedestal. Trees, whether bare or full, are trending now.

Keeping with the cosy theme, it is in style now to decorate with comfy-looking, old jumpers. For those of us who are not as crafty, fear not- you can find all sorts of items with the jumper theme, such as cable-knit lampshade which is now a growing trend. The light emitted from such a shade is unique and a prime example of what we are seeing in the 2015 winter.

Remember to take advantage of different types of light sources this winter. With the loss of sunlight, it is important to remember to replace that light with something that will accentuate your décor. Looking at different options and doing some research will help. For instance, Lampcommerce is designed to offer users an easy way to find lighting that accentuates their living spaces. They offer popular brands and lighting fixtures such as the Vibia Plis floor lamp for example, making it easy to combine style with function this winter.

What are you lusting after this winter? I’m a big fan of textures, fur and warmth.

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