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It has been a long time since Jit and I spent some quality time together. It’s sad – we used to see each other all the time, and go on crazy escapades, but life gets in the way and when you are a grown up you can’t have fun all the time.

To make up for him not getting to see my beautiful face in person all the time, we went on a day trip to Hastings (know as 1066 Country). It’s only a small drive from Brighton, unless you are an idiot like me and set your Sat Nav to avoid motorways and A roads, I honestly don’t know how this happened.

Despite it’s close proximity to my hometown, I haven’t actually been to Hastings since we were learning about the Battle of Hastings when I was at school. I had visions of an old seaside town which had seen it’s hay day, but this wasn’t the case.

The seafront area reminds me quite heavily of Brighton when I was growing up. It is filled with beachfront activities and attractions, although in Hastings they have really nice public loos (I was actually really surprised by them).

Our first stop was the Jerwood Gallery, where they are currently exhibiting Rachel Howard ‘At Sea’ collection. This had to be my favourite collection at the gallery when we went, her abstract work is stunning, bringing various colours and forms into her work. We then popped to the gallery’s cafe for a cheeky coffee (the food looked amazing). They also have a beautiful balcony with a sea view.

We were hungry and after a short walk around the lanes just off of the seafront, we decided to pop into ‘Whistle Trago‘, which seemed like a good place to pop in, take a break and have a chat. It is a really cute little pub, I love the decor, and the great art work of old pictures bejeweled and updated with tattoos (see Queenie above).

Their menu is quite small, which is great if like me you become easily overwhelmed by choice. All their food is provided by the Pelican dinner. I ordered the Chili Cheese Dog – which was so good, and was served with fries (literally the best fries ever) and delicious apple slaw.

When we were sufficiently fed and watered, we took a stroll along to the funicular railway, which is like a railway/lift up a cliff edge. We rode up the East Hill Lift, which originally opened in 1903. It’s a lovely short ride, to Hastings Country Park, which has stunning views of the sea and over the Old Town. After a leisurely stroll, it was time to head back home.

Thinking about going to Hastings soon? It might be worth timing your trip during Hastings week for their Bonfire night on October 17th. The celebration marks the Battle of Hastings, there will be a torch lit procession through the streets followed by a bonfire and fireworks on the beach.

Is there anywhere you love to visit for day trips? I’d love to hear some suggestions.

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