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Christmas decorating has become more than a bit of tinsel on a tree. Now, it is about the whole house, creating a cosy, warm and festive atomosphere. Last week, my mum and I popped into HomeSense and got completely entranced by the Christmas stock. This year will be my first year hosting Christmas and I want it to be perfect. My mum usually hosts a massive Christmas with family members from all over the world. She normally has three Christmas Trees, lights all over the house a blazing fire and Bing Crosby playing throughout the house.

I will definitely not be able to live up to this, especially without a real fireplace or a sound system that runs throughout the house. But I will be trying to make it as cosy and Christmassy as possible and hope to start new traditions.

While the Scandi trend has dominated the last few winter seasons, this year my heart is torn between the following three themes, consider this my Homesense wishlist!

 I love the White Christmas theme, but in my house I think it would lack the warmth I desire. It is perfect for a minimalists look or someone who is keen on a clean finish. Not everything has to be while, it is good to have another colour to contrast it. I like teaming it with  metallics – Golds, Silvers and Coppers all look great without detracting from the cleanness of the white.

It’s no secret that I have been bitten by the copper bug! I think copper is a very versatile colour that will work with most colour schemes. It also has a warm undertone, which I think, psychologically is a must for Christmas decor.

I will admit, traditional Christmas decorations are not usually my thing, I am not sure why, but I think I have been conditioned not to use green or red on my tree by my mum who usually does every other colour! I love the cute red bits now, but keeping it classy with just red and neutral tones.

The biggest Christmas decorating faux pas for me is coloured fairy lights. They make me feel ill. What are your Christmas faux pas and favourites?

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