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Some of you might have seen during September I started The Body Coach’s 90daySSS plan. I can’t fault it, I’ve never been so full in my life, felt so motivated and seen such quick results. In the first month of the plan I lost 9lbs and 11 inches. I was so pleased and for once felt that I was achieving my goal of transitioning into a healthy lifestyle.

Unfortunately, they day after I submitted my results I was rushed to hospital in agony with Kidney stones (actually thought I was giving birth and hadn’t realised I was pregnant). Anyway – I have had to come off of the plan for the time being, hopefully when I see the Urologist next week, they will give me the all clear to continue, or give me a better idea about what changes I will need to make to avoid further Kidney Stones.

As part of my planned coverage of my lifestyle change I had hoped to share regular healthy recipes, so with that in mind, this post is about the trusty Nutri Ninja blender. This was my smoothie maker essential, but also helped turned my protein pancakes from lumpy messes to pancakes of joy!

The Nutri Ninja is a super blender that you can even use to make your own nut milk. The blades are uniquely designed to turn everything you put into it into liquid, meaning that ou really do get 100% of the goodness from your ingredients, instead of juice and some mulsh that couldn’t be broken down.

I was kindly provided with a Ninja Bullet Auto IQ, which comes with :

1 x 1000W Power base

1 x Pro-Extractor BladesTM

1 x 500ml Single Serve Cup

1 x 650ml Single Serve Cup

2  x Sip and Seal ‘to go’ Lids

1 x 30 recipe Inspiration Guide

The single serve cups and lids make things so easy if you are in a hurry in the morning. You literally bung your ingredients in, paying attention to the ‘Fill’ line, let the Nutri Ninja work its magic, unscrew, put a lid on and go.

While the 90 days SSS plan agreement stops me from sharing the recipe for my favourite plan smoothie, Nutri Ninja have some great recipes for smoothies, desserts and healthy foods.

Do you have a favourite smoothie recipe to share?

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