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Pristine white is often the colour of choice for modern bathrooms. White is clinical and sterile, but
whilst white works well in a bathroom, a splash of bright colour will make the room feel a lot more
vibrant and inviting. You could use coloured tiles, but this is an expensive option and difficult to
change if you get bored of the colour a year later. Instead, colour is best used in small amounts, so
you can start all over again when you need a refresh.
The best bit about adding colour to a bathroom is that it needn’t be expensive, so if you want to give your bathroom a colourful makeover, here’s how to do it on a budget.


A tin of paint is an easy way to introduce colour into a bathroom. If your walls are half tiled with neutral white tiles, pick out a bright colour for the walls and ceiling. Any colour will do, but blues, yellows and shades of green work well.

Window Blinds

Buying a colourful window blind for the bathroom is an easy way to add colour. Plain blinds are inexpensive and can be bought in just about any shade under the sun. A patterned blind will also work well. Blinds can be fitted inside or outside the window recess, but make sure you measure the recess accurately if you go for the inside option – and buy a safety device for the dangling cord to prevent accidents.

Shower Curtain

Shower curtains are very cheap to buy. Look for a colourful curtain to match your decorative scheme
and be as bold as you like. Stripes, patterns, and motif designs are a good choice for bathrooms –
this is your chance to add a bit of personality to an otherwise boring room.


Towels are also cheap to buy, although it is always better to invest in good quality towels from if you want to enjoy a more luxurious bath and shower experience. Coloured towels look fabulous in a plain white bathroom. They can be co-ordinated with bath mats, shower curtains and blinds if you want a more cohesive look. Be careful when washing brightly coloured towels, as the dye may run if you wash them on a hot wash with whites.

Bathroom Accessories

Cheap, colourful accessories such as tea lights, candles, mugs, and ornaments will all brighten up a
bathroom in no time. Colour match to existing items and make your bathroom feel instantly more cheerful and less sterile.

Coloured Lighting

Coloured lighting is a modern way to inject colour into a bathroom, particularly at night. Cheap LED add-ons for taps are great fun – turn the tap on and watch a kaleidoscope of colour flicker around the walls. Or, fit LED lights around a mirror or along the edge of your ceiling. It will feel like Christmas 365 days of the year!


If you do really want to change your tiles, it could be worth looking at free-sites or on eBay for cheap leftovers. Or alternatively look for competitive Tile supplies, like Tiles Porcelain.

If none of the above ideas appeal and you prefer natural colours, buy some beautiful, fresh flowers and place them on the bathroom window sill.

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