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It’s been a long while since I took my theory test. I think in total I took five, 4 the first time round, when I was about 18. I failed on the Hazard perception test every time! I finally passed the test when I was at uni. having, on the spur of the moment decided to take driving lessons again. I managed to get a cancelled theory test for the next day, popped out to get the book and passed straight away.

But then, I stopped learning, and by the time I decided I needed to drive at 24/25, my theory test had expired. Luckily, the second time round I passed the first time. I guess this just proves Joe and I are kindred spirits as he passed his theory and it has now expired, believe it nor not he still doesn’t drive. On the other side of the scale, my youngest sister Bella who isn’t old enough to legally drive yet, is desperate to learn and is already looking to pass her theory. Which got the rest of our family wondering if we would pass the theory test now.

My mum immediately decided that she would fail, we all agreed, if only for the fact that she isn’t great with computers and would struggle on the mechanism of the hazards test. I thought initially that I would pass, a lot of the questions are common sense. It’s only really the signs and stopping distances that trip me up – I know most of them, but sometimes the multiple chose answers make me doubt myself.

In the end, we used a mini Driving Theory Test by LV. I was proven wrong, out of the 10 questions asked, I only got 7 right, which percentage wise is a total fail! But if I got lucky with the other 40 questions I could be in with a chance!

I suppose there is a reason why the pass rate is quite low, around 43%, if it was easy our roads would be a disaster. In truth, I think we should have to re-take our theory test every 5 or 10 year to refresh our memories.

Did you past your test first time round? Would you pass now? I’d love to see your result!

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