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Christmas is nearly upon us, but have you ever noticed how hard it can be to buy presents for the men in your life? This year I caught a break. The Body Shop asked me if I wanted to take part in their #24DaysofHappiness advent campaign and as a result, I received two men’s gift sets. The first was this lovely Fragrance Kit, consisting of a lovely Eau De Toilette, Deodrant and Shower Gel all from the Activist range, which was then packaged beautifully in a tin. If you aren’t familiar with the the Activist range, it has a lovely wood, spicy smell to it, making it almost Christmassy, but subtle enough for it to be worn all year round.

This year has been a big year for Joe and I, mainly because he has opened up his own Barbershop, so it’s not surprising that he immediately kidnapped the second set, which was a Shaving Kit. The kit includes Maca root Shaving Cream, Razor Relief and a Shaving Brush, allowing for an ultra close shave.

Not really being an aficionado in men’s fragrance or shaving products, I thought it would be good to let Joe have a play and give me feedback:

“I think I prefer the shaving kit, but being a Barber, I could be biassed. The Maca Root Shaving cream lathers up really well and a little bit goes a long way, which is great if you shave regularly. The cream also helps keep the skin from drying out during shaving. The Razor relief is a great product if you suffer from post-shave irritation, it is really soothing and helps prevent redness and rashes.

I’m quite picky when it comes to fragrances, so I didn’t hold out a lot of hope for the Activist Kit. But I was pleasantly surprised, I often worry that these things will be Brut-esque. I liked the woody element of the smell. This is definitely a pleasing upgrade from the Lynx box sets that ruined my teenage Christmas dreams.”

Do you have a male gifting super-secret or do you find it as difficult as the rest of us? I swear there are only so many wallets and socks I can buy my dad!

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