Beauty | Nars Matte Lipstick and Laura Mercier Brow Pencil Review

Sorry for the Uber Pout!

This autumn is all about dark matte lips and a strong brow, and I have found my dream team for this look. I struggle with my brows, they are quite dark and an OK shape, but there is a fine line between on fleek brows and looking like I have let a toddler draw them on with a thick black marker pen!

For the past few years I have chosen to use powder to fill in my brows, but they would not last the night or would be difficult to get a good shape. I usually stay away from eyebrow pencils, I find that they are either too hard to apply properly or too waxy, causing my coarse Persian eyebrows to clump together. However, this Laura Mercier pencil is a dream come true. I went for the Warm Brunette shade, which I ordered along with the Nars Lipstick from Urban Retreats Beautique, it was my first purchase from them, but delivery was quick and I loved how the items came in there own little dust bags.

The brow pencil is a great shade for me, allowing me to stay on the good side of marker-brows. The pencil led itself is soft enough to apply easily, allowing me more freedom to craft my eyebrows into the shape I want. The other side of the pencil is a brow brush, which helps me tame the brow before and after application. Most impressively it comes with its own sharpener, that has it’s own pokey thing (all my sharpeners have nibs stuck in them!).

Now on to my lips! We all know the struggle I have with lipstick, but I have to say this season i have been inspired and have been wearing lipstick a lot more. I haven’t worn a Nars liptick before, I decided to try one of their Pure Matte range and then battled with myself over the colour – Volga (a dark purple) or Terre De Feu (a dark red) eventually settling on the latter.

While I am not sure on the packaging with the longer applicator, I prefer standard lipstick shape, the colour is lovely, I have had so many comments on it. My biggest fears with matte lipstick is it will dry out my lips, however, the Nars lipstick is surprisingly moisturising.

Are you a strong brow dark lip lover? What are your dream combo?

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