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You may have noticed that over the last month or so I have been pretty quiet. The reason for that is that I have been in and out of hospital, dealing with Kidney Stones and having treatment.

I know kidney stones aren’t a life threatening illness, but they are flipping excrutiating. When I was rushed to hospital, in agony before I was diagnosed, I was convinced that I was in labour and just didn’t know that I had been pregnant!

This week I am having my final treatment, and will be kidney stone free, but now I am at risk of developing them again, which I am not going to let happen. The main thing that can prevent them is making changes to my diet and losing weight by being more active.

The food changes I have to make are not, necessarily what I thought they would be. Kidney Stones are generally a build up of calcium in your kidneys. Despite that I haven’t been told to avoid dairy, jut limit milk to 100ml a day and cheese 100g a week. I am to avoid drinking neat milk and limit yoghurts and creams. But I also have to do the following:

  1. Reduce my meat intake and lean towards a fish/vegetarian diet
  2. Avoid foods high in oxalates like; certain nuts, berries, fruit juices, spinach, celery 
  3. Drink loads of water, like all the water.

It also helps if you are overweight to try to shift the extra lbs. I know, every year this is on my new years resolutions list, but this time it isn’t just for the looks, it’s for my health. I’ve had a bit of a shock to be honest, realised now that I’ve hit 30 I need to really take care of myself. I also think my mentality is different. I’ve even invested in health insurance for the new year!

I am ready with some new gym clothes – which I always find is a major motivator. The top and leggings are from Fabletics – to be honest I am not sure what I think about this service, it’s expensive to have a £44 monthly subscription just for gym wear, but then I guess if I went regularly then I would probably need more clothes. Also the service requires a call to cancel, which is a bit annoying. Alternatively, you can delay your subscription each month by responding to an email. 

Obviously, with the subscription the cost of the clothes are cheaper, but I’m not entirely sure that the clothes are really worth what they are sold at in the first place. While the leggings feel quality, I find the tops are not so impressive.

It’s also about time that I invested in a new sports bra, in my experience, there is no better DD+ sports bra than the Shock Absorber offering. They always leave me fully supportive and fit really well, taking weight of my shoulders and stopping me from bouncing about. This one was kindly gifted to my by Lingerie By Victoria, who specialise in DD to K cups, including brands such as Freya, Fantasie and Elomi, all at reasonable prices.

I think, the best way to end this post is to quickly acknowledge all the doctors, nurses and healthcare assistance that have looked after me over the last month. I’m not just talking about providing me with care, but also emotional support, when I was overwhelmed by the situation. I honestly believe that each and everyone one of you did as much as you possibly could and that the system does not work or help you do your job.

If you have any tips or advice on changing lifestyle I would love to hear, especially any advice on vegetarianism.

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Love Lilla xx

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