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I think I am starting to develop a bit of a scatter cushion obsession and possibly turning into my mother. My childhood, I swear, was dominated by sorting the cushions on the sofa or my bed, which was not far off from hotel bed dressing – I am serious!

In an effort to make it feel more our own we have slowly been making changes, adding touches and replacing old stuff. We started with sofa cushions (well on sofa of cushions), our old ones are flat and lifeless. The covers in desperate need of replacing, stained despite regular washing and covered in a few fag burns – what can I say? We were young and liked to party. But this new house marks a new turn in our life, living in a house, rather than a flat and giving us the possibility of starting a family, should we want to. This house is for real grown ups.

Our walls are a lovely willow green, but the sofa is dark brown, which are quite a contrast, making cushion choosing quite difficult. I decided to brighten up the sofas and choose a lighter colour palette, but wanted to add more than just cream covers to the equation. ENTER Sofa Sofa, who kindly offered to send me a pair of scatter cushions. I decided to go for the Sandringham ones in Duck egg, I felt the green was not quite the right tone for the walls.

I like the pattern it adds a nice dimension to the look and a subtle bit of colour, while the cream background helps to soften the dark sofas. Each Sofa Sofa cushion is designed with comfort and durability in mind and I hope that this means they get a better run than the last set I had. Looking at the difference between old vs new, the fabric is a lot stronger, thicker and rigid, which gives me high hopes. You can see Sega is already very taken with the new additions, but no one, not even her, are allowed to sit on them yet!

Next up on the adult buying list, a side for more scatter cushions, is matching  cutlery!

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