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Choosing the perfect presents for the men in your life can be tricky. Women always seem to be so much easier to buy for, and if you’re ever stuck, you can usually fall back on something that you like yourself.

However, in the case of husbands, boyfriends, fathers, and brothers, difference creates difficulty, and finding the right fit is a complicated task. Luckily, we have some ideas to inspire you. If that light bulb moment is still proving elusive, then here are a few gifts that you might like to try…

#1: Complement their Style

Lots of women love shopping for clothing, but find the task of choosing for men daunting. It’s a lot easier than you might first think. Although some guys will have a pretty basic style, those that are fashion conscious will really appreciate the gift of some great new pieces to add to their wardrobe, so spend some time focusing on what they normally wear. For the dapper man, a new tie might be just the ticket, or, for those with a real flair for fashion, why not look at something vintage? Companies like Rokit have some divine pieces to choose from, and could offer exactly what you’re searching for.

#2: Cater to their Hobbies

If clothing doesn’t quite fit the bill, or you’re worried that you won’t be able to replicate their style, then think about what the lucky man in your life likes doing. We all have hobbies, and gifts that cater to them seem immeasurably thoughtful. If you know a guy that enjoys the outdoors, then how about a Swiss Army knife to equip them for every occasion? If they like to keep in shape, then what about a gadget to help them track their daily exercise, or some new earphones to use whilst they’re running? The possibilities are endless, and once you start looking for inspiration, you’re certain to find it.

#3: Give Them New Experiences

If you’re still struggling to find the right gift for your partner or loved one, then it might be a good idea to look at experiences. The internet is filled with an abundance of opportunities to try new things, from the adventurous to the eccentric. Archery courses, hot air balloon rides, laser tag, paintballing experiences, and more can all be bought online, and they provide a unique chance to build some memories that will last a lifetime. If you want to give a gift that they’ll never forget, then one of these might just be the perfect choice for you.

What will you choose to buy?

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