I have always been a TV addict. As a child I was quite content getting up, grabbing something to nibble on from the kitchen and then plonking myself down to become entranced by the moving pictures. My mum reports that one of my first words was ‘Cheetara’ (the female Thundercat, for you youngsters) although; by all accounts I could have been saying ‘tea-towela’. I was a TV expert at 4 – I could connect a VCR and tune those bulky beasts, long before the days of 4K TV and auto-tune.

As a young girl I basically watched every cartoon going. When I reminisce with friends, they have no idea what I was talking about, Lady Lovely Locks, anyone?

I then got hooked on teen dramas, not always good quality ones, anyone remember Kelly Osbourne’s ‘Life as we know it’? Obviously, One Tree Hill and Gossip Girl were a must, even if I was a BIT too old for the latter towards the end. Even things that weren’t a ‘thing’ in the UK, like Veronica Mars, were must-see. When that was cancelled and the internet demanded a movie, I campaigned tweeted for this chapter in my life to be completed.

Now a fully-fledged adult my tastes have refined, mostly anyway – you can’t blame me for still watching Pretty Little Liars it is so addictive. However, the increasing quality of TV in the last five years is starting to cause me issue – WTAF do I watch and when? I am fully caught up on the MUST-SEEs, but this time of year is one of the worst/best times for TV. Hear me out.

Yes I am so happy that The Walking Dead is back and Gotham and X-Files. But do they all need to be on a Monday night? I have work, I need sleep, I can’t watch them all in one go. Just record one of them, watch it on catch up, I hear you cry – these were my thoughts, but then Tuesday came along with that Chester Zoo programme and then new season of Better Call Saul. Wednesday – Limitless, Thursday – Agent Peggy Carter, we were overwhelmed. To make matters worse Arrow, Flash, GOT, Legends of Tomorrow and more are starting in the next few months.

Then they will all stop and for about 6 months there will be NOTHING to watch. Well, apart from awful reality TV shows and talent competitions that should have been cancelled after Little Mix won because, let’s face it every season since has been utter w*nk. I think the obvious solution is that I quit my job and become a couch potato, but then I wouldn’t be able to afford my Sky and Netflix!

What are your must watch TV shows? Or are you not really a TV person?

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