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For people who like to go about interior design on their own (as opposed to by hiring a professional designer), one of the trickiest things can be balancing décor and clutter. There’s a tendency to simply pack a room with everything that might look nice, and the end result can be a little busy-looking. Likewise, an approach too far in the opposite direction can leave a room looking unfinished, which is stressful in its own way. The key is simply finding a middle ground, but the following specific tips can also help you to make a room feel its most relaxing.

Let Natural Light Do Its Work

It’s pretty commonly acknowledged that natural light in a room can help that room to feel larger. But there’s also something relaxing about letting nature do the lighting for you. In particular it’s a good move to try to set up curtains rather than blinds or shutters, as these give off a more carefree appearance. To do so, you can take inspiration from one publication’s lineup of beautiful curtain arrangements that offer you various styles and ideas to achieve similarly elegant and relaxing results.

Keep Things Soft

Hard edges, coarse materials, and rigid decorations can all work together to give a room a harsh, forbidding, and ultimately uncomfortable image. Instead of allowing such things to populate your room, try to keep things soft and comfortable in the most direct and literal of ways. It might mean thick, cosy blankets or soft pillows adorning furniture; it might mean a soft, fluffy rug rather than a purely decorative carpet; it may even mean some kind of fabric or tapestry on the wall where a framed painting or photograph might otherwise go. Any or all of these ideas can help the room feel soft and inviting.

Build Unique Shelving Units

Shelving units actually play a key role in how a room feels, in that they can make the room itself feel smaller if they’re too small or too cluttered. But building your own allows you to put a unique, personal touch on a room that will have a lasting, comforting effect if it’s done right. And this is where some real DIY work is required. Ideally, you’ll find a guide to work with and equip yourself with the necessary supplies. Even this first step can be tricky, but you can find building material according to numerous recommendations online. By laying out your items based on a shopping website’s clear, categorised interface, you can easily sort through the items you need and ready yourself for the task. Then it just comes down to construction and a bit of creativity!

Cultivate A Pleasant Scent

We all like to imagine our homes as places that look, feel, and smell nice, but the truth is the smell part can be difficult to maintain. Rooms tend to develop their own scents based on what’s done there or how often they’re cleaned, with the result that rooms often either smell sterile, bland, or like they’re in need of cleaning. But this isn’t hard to change! One set of tips on how to make rooms feel more relaxing suggested numerous means of cultivating scents, including oil diffusers, potpourri, incense, and air fresheners, in addition to specific scents to aim for. Going overboard can make things a little uncomfortable, but a nice subtle aroma can make a room cosier.

Keep Fresh Plants Around

As implied before, it’s a bad idea to take your decorating so far as to result in a cluttered atmosphere. But when you do set about considering what to include in a room purely for aesthetic appeal, consider live plants. The presence of natural greens and/or flowers in a room simultaneously provides senses of peace and liveliness. Also, when they’re coupled with natural light, they can help a room feel wonderfully comfortable.

Hopefully these tips help you directly while also getting you thinking about the various ways in which you can gear your interior design efforts toward comfort. In the end, it’s often one of the most important things about how a home is set up.

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