BRIGHTON | Deliveroo Review – Aw that rhymes!

I love to go out for a good meal, but sometimes nothing beats a takeaway on the sofa, snuggled in front of the TV. Previously, we had a stack of menus for takeaway, the dodgy chicken shop down the road, the standard pizza place, that is guaranteed to give me pizza tummy, or the Indian that is always much better in your mind than in your mouth.

Brighton and Hove now has a better option – Deliveroo. Whether you use the website or the app – it is simple to use – just order from the plethora of places and watch its progress to your table in real-time. You can even follow the delivery driver as they cycle to you.

What I like the most is the places that you can order from – all firm favourites, or places that we have heard nothing but rave reviews from. I know I mention Coggins and Co. quite a lot but the thought of getting the Rarebit burger while binge-watching a series on Netflix with Joe is pure heaven. The only downfall is trying to keep Sega away!

Coggins usually has a longer waiting period than other places on offer, but for me, it is well worth the wait. I am a bit obsessive with checking the app and questioning the delivery drivers route, but what do I know! The burgers and chips are always hot when I get them and the delivery time (compared to the kitchen to table time) does not affect the quality of the food.

As well as, delivering delicious burgers to my doorstep for dinner, you can also order Breakfast from Langelees, ice cream and cake if you’re in the mood for sweets, or treat yourself to the new lunch box from award-winning The Chilli Pickle.

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Although I regularly use Deliveroo, on this occasion I received a free Coggins &Co, delivery in return for this review. Once you try the Welsh Rarebit burger you’ll see why!

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