Probably one of the most overlooked parts of decorating your house is windows. We focus on colour schemes, textures and placement of furniture, but how often do we consider doing anything other than blinds or curtains? Let’s look at some of the alternatives.


Not sure if you want shutters? Go shopping, or browsing somewhere that does both shutters and blinds – Luxaflex for example, that way you can compare both (or all options).

 we currently have them in our house and they have a number of benefits. Firstly the privacy element, my front room is more or less straight on the street, having the shutters means that we can have light and privacy.

In the Winter, shutting them provides an extra lay of warmth, not only the illusion of shutting out the dank cold weather outside, but also adding extra insulation. On the flipside, in Summer leaving the window open and the shutters at the right angle generates a much-needed breeze on a hot night.

The extra bonus is of course that, unlike with slatted blinds, Joe can easily use them.

Window Seating

When I was younger, a family member lived in this massive townhouse in London. On nearly every floor there was snuggly window seating, where I would sit and read and watch the world go by. Ever since then I have always dreamed of having a window seat/ book nook, one with (much needed) storage underneath.

Image: homestilo

String Lights

I, like many bloggers, love using string lights in my home. They create great mood lighting and turning them on in the evening, replicates the light that shines through during the day. Also great to use in a zombie apocalypse a la 28 Days Later to signal other non-zombies.

Image: Knar Bedian

Cut Out Shutters

If you want to be a bit more adventurous, or like the thought of your shutters adding to your decor, why stick to regular shutters? You could create a crazy pattern, or print and then fill it with coloured filters. Think how the colours will illuminate the room as the sun moves through the day.


Add a pop of colour

Why stick to white window frames and panes? Add a pop of colour to your windows, or if bright yellow is not your thing then try adding a contrasting colour, or a different shade or tone of the same colour.

Image: Elle Decoration

Have you got a funky window in your home?

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