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Lighting is so important in your home, not just at night, but in general – placing your dressing table in the wrong part of your room lead to bad lighting and orange make up. But lamps can aslo add to your decor. Rather than going for a standard shape, or style try looking at stands with interesting shapes, I have some that look like Deer antlers for example.

As well as shape, you can also think about the texture or the material of the lamp shade – this can change the way the light fills the space. I love the patterned lamp shades that become more vibrant when they are turned on.

I ordered this Grenade lamp from Iconic Lights – my original plan was to add it to my lounge – it fits in quite well. The wooden frame matches our wooden furniture and the Grenade shape does not look out of place amoungst our collection of custom graffiti prints and various skulls.

I had planned to spray it white and rough up the edges a bit, but I didn’t realise someone else had an eye on it. The grenade was quickly ‘borrowed’ to join the team at Scoundrels Barber, as Joe thought it would look more at home in his masculine work space.

I have to admit, he wasn’t wrong – the lamp now sits in the sandy window, pride of place next to his cactus.

How do you light your rooms?

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