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Hair extensions and I go back a very long way. I used to braid pieces of thick wool into my hair, glue wefts in and in more recent yeas started a love affair with clip ins. When clip ins weren’t widely available, I used to make sew my own clips on to wefts and make do. Luckily there are plenty of places now where you can buy pre-made wefts.

Unluckily, not all clip ins are created equally. There are several ranking factors when you are discussing extensions and I am about to cover them:

1. Hair Quality

The time has long gone since awful plastic shiny synthetic hair. In fact, synthetic options are really good dupes nowadays and can handle heat styling without melting. But me, I am a real hair sort of girl, the texture and the shine just can’t be beaten.

My Irresistible me 22″ Silky Light Brown Remy extensions are a lovely texture, they have a great gloss to them and are very manageable. I tend to wash my extensions once a month and find that these barely shed in comparison to other sets I have bought.

2. Wefts

My hair is quite thin, so I usually have to use single or double wefts to look natural. Often I find that some places will over weft and not structure the line of clips properly. When you have thin hair this is not good. It puts too much weight and pressure our hair and can be painful and lead to your clip ins slipping out.

The Irresistible me clip ins are mainly 1 or 2 wefts on the shorter pieces that I use for my sides and he lower back of my head. The main weft is a double (possibly triple) weft, which is held together with a netted fabric. This spread the tension evenly along the width of the weft which is better for your hair and also means they stay in place longer.

3. Clip type

There are two types of clips that are commonly used in clip in extensions. Let me make it clear – neither is a ‘bad’ clip, per say. There is one that is sturdy and should be used on longer and heavier wefts. The other is for smaller and lighter wefts. Often suppliers will just use the smaller clip for everything which can damage hair by not supporting the hair properly.

This packet of extensions used the heavy duty clips on everything so the clips don’t tug or slip.

If you want to hear more about what I think of these extensions, watch my YouTube video below.

* I received these lovely extensions for free in return for an honest review.

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