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A few months ago, I was at my mums going through a box of old photos. Bella, my 17-year-old sister, asked us why we had wasted money on so many blurry photos. We pointed out that in those days we didn’t get to preview our pictures, or decide which to print.

Then I started thinking about how excited I used to get going to Jessops or Boots to get my pictures printed. I still have all my negatives from my teens. Apart from my wedding pictures, which I printed off to put in our thank you cards, it has been years since I had any pictures printed off, they all just sit on my computer or go on to Instagram.

So I decided it was time to get some new pictures in our house and print off pictures from Facebook and Instagram. I downloaded the Cheerz app and got selecting – whether you use the app or our computer it is just so easy – Login to Cheerz, allow access to the social media platform of your choice and get printing.

They do several types of printing, posters, albums etc – I got a Cheerz Box and a wedding box. The Cheerz box consists of 30-45 square pictures – which I then made into polaroids and added phrases too. I mainly chose Instagram images and things that I could put around my house as inspiration or to make me smile, like a picture of the villa, my family, and friends.

The Wedding box (previously La Boite La Photos) which comes with 250 photos, 250 mini pegs and some cute butchers string to hang it from. I just love them. I also love the boxes they came in, which means I can store them safely – these are going to make some amazing gifts in the future. As you can see I took the opportunity to print off more wedding pictures and decorate my lounge with them.

What are you like with printing of pictures?

*I received these prints for free in return for an honest review of the product. All opinions are my oen

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