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The sun is finally out, and hopefully, it will stay that way. Time to say goodbye to winter boots and thick socks, and hello to painted toes and flip flops.

Summer shoes can take many forms, I guess in practice the perfect Summer wardrobe is a personal thing. For me, as always it is about comfort. Not to say I hate heels or fancy shoes, I just don’t like hurting feet and feeling like imminent death is around the corner. For me, there are 5 summer shoe staples.


This is pretty obvious and is a given really, espadrilles are designed for Summer use. I have these cute ones from Moda in Pelle. With a slight wedge to them, they are perfect for day to night summer days. The ones where you start off going to the beach and end up in a bar, pub or restaurant until late evening because the weather was so nice. They are comfortable, not too smart, not too casual. Also, I like a chunkier look – I feel like I don’t have to compromise style for comfort with these.

Light Trainers

Yes, trainers are a must have – I live in mine all year round, but after discovering Superga trainers – these are a firm favourite. Just bring out a pastel or bright colour to match with the summer vibe and you have your winter/summer transition done. These trainers, are light and breathable so no need to worry about sweaty feet.

Flip Flops

I know sliders are big this year, but I am just not feeling them. I think Joe’s obsession with the socks and sliders combo has completely put me of them. So I will stick with my trusty Flip Flops this summer. I have a few pairs, but Havaianas are a firm favourite – they are substantial enough that they last a while, while other Flip Flops I have had have flattened and indented with my footprint.

Party Shoes

Summer is a time for a lot of fancy occasions – weddings, parties, the races – you get the picture. Although not top of my priorities, it’s practical to have a nice pair of shoes for these types of events. I have had these for years, which I guess is a sign of how little I wear them. I decided to go for nudes as they are super versatile and give the illusion if a longer leg – which is handy at my height and proportions.


Last but not least – the trusty sandal – perfect as an everyday shoe if you want to escape the trainers get those feet out, but a less casual than a pair of Flip Flops. Again a good transitional shoe – I could wear them by the pool and the throw on a maxi dress and go to a beach party.

What are your Summer shoe essentials?

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