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I may not be the biggest jet setter, but I do try to go away at least once a year – whether it’s a City break, staycation or something a bit more. I am ‘THAT’ person, who is aways really excited well in advance. Which I guess is why I was surprised to discover that in a recent You Gov poll by Click Pharmacy found that only 31% of people get excited when packing.

Possibly even more surprising is that 1 in 3 women worry about their weight every day they are away. Despite not being completely happy with my weight, when I go on holiday I want to be able to forget about all my usual stresses and enjoy myself.

I guess part of the reason that I get so excited is that I have some pre-holiday rituals that get me in the mood, they are:

The Researching

The second a holiday is booked I start researching. I’m not an itinerary sort of girl -I don’t plan every minute or meal, I just like to know the options. I prefer to try and find more unusual places or activities to do, rather than stick to the main tourist bits. I like my tech too so I always look for handy apps for the area.

The Lists

I love list writing. When I am excited about my holiday but is way too early to start packing, I start to list what clothes, shoes, accessories I am going to take. This list then re-written several times – I don’t know why is needs to be perfectly neat or why things need to be categorised, they just do.

The Weather

As soon as I can possibly look at the weather, I start obsessively checking every site and app possible at regular intervals. If the weather is good, then all is well. If not then I go back to steps one and two, no reason to let the weather ruin your fun.

The Pampering

I guess this is normal behaviour. Before jetting off, I go stock up on holiday supplies – travel toothpaste, suntan lotion the essentials. Then I go and get waxed, grab a Mani and Pedi – I usually go for Shellac to avoid chipping. I also like to get a lash lift before I go, so that I can have great lashes by the pool.

The Packing

By this time, the lists are long gone! I am generally throwing everything into my suitcase. I have to talk myself out of packing 10 pairs of shoes when I’m only going away for 7days. Slowly the amount that I pack gets reduced as I start thinking more rationally. I end up packing and repacking, with various methods; rolling, folding, stuffing things in my shoes.

Do you have any pre-holiday rituals or packing tips? I’d love to hear them!

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