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When I was younger, apart from the years that I spent wanting to be a singer (#delusionalteenager), I wanted to be a hairdresser or beautician. I used to spend hours perfecting my cat-eye, or attempting to do treatments at home, not always successfully, with several awkward eyebrow looks, bad dye jobs and patchy waxing. 

Recently, I have got back into the habit of looking after myself, getting my nails done, regular trips to a decent eyebrow lady and even a spray tan! Often I sit there wondering if I could learn to do these myself and how much money would it save me? So, I decided to start a Beauty Therapy Level 2 course in my spare time online, with NCC Learning.

I am not thinking of packing in my career and becoming a beautician, but it has always been something that I have been interested in.  In the future, I could possibly earn some extra money doing treatments at home, or work part-time while bringing up a family. But most importantly it will mean that I will hopefully have amazing eyebrows and make up forever.

Despite the awful stereotyping of beauty students being dumb, looking at the modules, I am pleasantly surprised to find that this might be a bit of a challenge. The online course has modules on the usual beauty treatments, facials, skincare, nails and more, as well as some business units, which could really help not only me but Joe and his barbershop. Aside, from business and beauty there is also a whole module on Anatomy and Physiology, including sections on the lymphatic systems, blood, and cells.

Having looked at the course, my first unit will focus on Facial and Skincare – this looks at the structure of skin and how its health and condition is essential. The documentation provided for this and every module seems very comprehensive, and while it looks quite daunting, I think it includes everything that I need. I will let you know how I get on if this goes well I’d also like to do a photography course and maybe some sort of science A-level!

If you could do any course or training even just as a hobby what would it be?

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