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In July I went on a massive health kick, completed Whole30, felt fantastic, lost a stone and got so many compliments. Then I went to Spain, thought I could treat myself and never got back on the wagon. It’s been a disaster.

I will get back to eating better, but my new FitBit has opened my eyes to exactly how inactive I am, trust me, I checked it not faulty. When I am in the office, unless I walk to work and back, I am less active than a child that hasn’t learnt to crawl or walk yet. Safe to say I am definitely not hitting my 10,000 steps.

I know I should go to the gym, but I currently don’t have a membership and with commitments like students, I can’t quickly pop to the gym after work. I know once I am home and cooked, I’m not going to go to the gym. I need to join a gym and be more motivated. I guess the struggle I have is that I don’t like going to the gym – the only thing I have ever managed to do is run on a treadmill – because when you are watching TV when you do it you don’t get bored! I also quite enjoy Body Balance and Pump, but finding a class at a time I can go to is harder than you think.

I have always loved dancing and gymnastics. For years I have been talking about taking an adult gymnastic class but never have. Since being inspired by the Olympics (which is really out of character for me) I have finally signed up and hope to start soon – It will definitely be daunting, especially as it is also combined with people who want to learn Parkour. I’ll be the dump 30 year old in the corner practicing handstands against walls while they are vaulting over obstacles, but I just want to learn to do a round-off and go from there.

One thing I have realised the lack of exercise has contributed to is even worse slouching and massive shoulder and neck ache from being hunched over a desk at work all day. I need to do more stretching and work on my posture, so Yoga is ideal – not to mention would help with my flexibility. Furniture Work has put together this really handy #OfficeYoga Infographic which I will be using to relieve some of my aches and pains from your office chair.

Have you got any workout tips for me? How do you stay motivated enough to work out regularly? 

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