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As the temperature drops and, the days shorten it’s nearly that time of year…. that’s right, HARRY POTTER SEASON. If you love HP as much as I do, the love isn’t a seasonal thing. You take the house quizzes (Gryffindor and Thunderbird), find out your Patronus (Manx Cat) and get totally emotional when you hear the word ‘Always’. But as Christmas approaches, the whole world embraces HP a little more. 

Just like every year, Sunday will soon be Harry Potter day for one channel. Sky will create it’s own Harry Potter Movie channel, and Fantastical Beasts will be in cinemas in just a few weeks.

Despite being 31, I still love Harry Potter as much as I did when I first read it. I read and re-read the whole series until the books fell apart. Each time discovering something new. The tears, the excitement, none of it goes away despite knowing what’s about to happen. Joe and my family never understand, they aren’t readers, they have never been captured by the stories, never understood the morals the wisdom and everything I love about it. 

I could go on and on about what can be learned from the Harry Potter books. How Neville’s growth throughout the series could provide hope to anyone who feels awkward growing up, that the Weasleys’ and the Malfoys’ personify that money doesn’t bring happiness and how a girl can be intelligent, strong and not just be a love interest for a boy.

There are so many things that can be taken from these books, and I often find myself quoting nuggets of wisdom from Dumbledore, or telling Joe he has the emotional range of a teaspoon.


In a world where we too often see the difference in others, rather than the similarities, I took comfort and strength from Hermione and her ‘mudblood’ status and how she owned it. To me, it was a parallel to my heritage, while I don’t look particularly Persian, my full name gave it away and while most didn’t really care, there were still some who made comments. As a teenager, to many, I was just a white girl called Naz, they assumed my name was Natalie or something and I’d just shortened it. They had no reason to hide their vile comments about Islam, or people from the middle east. It took me a long time to be proud of my heritage and I think the world J.K Rowling created and the protagonists that she presented us with helped show me the way. 

Slogan tees, sweatshirts and jackets are being used to make a big statement at the moment and so I decided I would make my own slogan sweatshirt for a bit of fun fashion for Winter. I knew instantly what I wanted on it. Hermione’s statement ‘Mudblood and proud of it’. I was very happy with the quality and fit of the jumper that Clothes to Order printed the slogan on, and equally happy with the way it washes, the printing stayed fully intact and the new jumper feel didn’t go away.

What would you put on your slogan top? Is there a book or TV series that has captured your heart? I’d love to hear, so please comment below.

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* I was sent the slogan sweatshirt for free, under no obligation to post but decided to share my choice of slogan to express my Harry Potter loving.

Love Lilla xx

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