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Brighton Marina has just had a much-needed make-over, although we didn’t need a third Bella Italia, a second Las Iguanas, or another GBK, there are a few additions that I was happy to see. One of them was M.O.D Pizza.

Joe is a Pizza fiend, boy loves his Pizza. I once went away on a family holiday without him and he ate nothing but Pizza for two weeks. I, on the other hand, have a love-hate relationship with Pizza, my mouth loves it, my gut hates it. I find that big chain Pizza places nearly always make me really ill, the independents tend not to cause me the same trouble.

My pizza issues did make me feel about worried about trying MOD, but I had nothing to be worried about. The way MOD is set up is similar to Subway, they have a small selection of pizzas you can order, or you can create your own beast, whatever you go for, no matter what you add it all costs the £7.47 (or £10.47 for a double base).

I had the Lucy Sunshine, which is artichoke, mozzarella, parmesan, red sauce – to which I added blue cheese and olives. Your pizza goes straight into the pizza oven when you order and then your name is called when it’s ready.

Joe decided to get the Mad Dog (red sauce, ground beef, pepperoni, mozzarella and mild sausage) with added extra jalapenos. Being the huge pizza fan that he is, Joe decided to get a ‘mega’ pizza (£10.47) which has a double base. It is fair to see he was extremely pleased. They also do salads and sides, although the pizzas were more than enough for us. To drink, they have wine and beer, as well as iced tea, pink lemonade and the usual soft drinks. No doubt we will be back for a post-cinema meal soon.

Have you tried a MOD pizza? Would love to hear what you thought!

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