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Christmas is not just about the gifts wrapped under the tree. Rummaging through a stocking full of goodies can be the most exciting part of Christmas morning. To make your stockings memorable this year, don’t just fill them with tangerines and gift cards. Try out these quirky, fun stocking stuffers and watch your family’s faces light up with excitement this Christmas.

1. EOS Lip Balm.

These lip balms are natural, organic and super hydrating. They’re available in a wide variety of flavours including passion fruit, pomegranate raspberry and so many more. Not to mention the quirky spherical packaging is really cute.


2. Green People Butterfly gift sets

Prices vary (all currently 20% off)

These gift sets come nicely packaged ready to hang from the tree. I have the Soothe one, the products are fantastic, fragrance-free, which is a real bonus for sensitive skin. All their products are natural and organic.



3. Craft kits

Prices vary

Know a crafty creature, someone who loves to make things, or maybe someone who knits or would like to learn, why not get them a craft kit? They could start simple with a scarf or move up to jumper, depending on skill. I would love to make these cushions!


4. DVDs for Him

Men are not always the easiest to buy for. My father is particularly hard, he seems not to have many hobbies, has enough socks and shirts to start a small shop. He doesn’t often go to the cinema, but he loves evenings on the sofa, with a cup of tea and a forbidden biscuit (he’s diabetic!) and watch good movie.



5. Bum-Bags

Prices Vary

Do you know a trendy Wendy? The Bum-bag is back, as part of the 90s throwback fashion trends that have hit the style scene. Why not show that you are in the know? They also make a great gift for athletes, joggers, cyclists.



6.  A Christmas Decoration

Prices vary
A lovely tradition that my Grandad used to do, was to buy us each a bauble every year. From a young age, I loved receiving them – he had 5 grandchildren and he would buy us each an individual decoration, something I now treasure. Since he passed it feels like he is with us on Christmas day.

Have you bought all of your Christmas presents yet?

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