Lifestyle | My guide to Valentines Day gifting for him


Valentines day is often thought of as a women’s holiday – something that men aren’t outwardly interested in. It’s an excuse to gift underwear to help fulfil man’s inner fantasy while presenting it as a gift.

If you’re single, don’t let this holiday get to you. You have family and friends who love you deeply. More importantly you do not need a significant other to make you happy, complete you or make your life better.

Showing love for your loved ones, your community, or people in general, should not be reserved to one pre-approved holiday. Love should be shared and showed to all people every day of the year. Now more than ever we need to share love and respect with all those around us. Give someone a smile, stand up for what’s right or simply share a meal with someone who needs an ear.

Invest in a time piece

Buying a watch or timepiece can be a big step. It doesn’t have to be a Rolex. But investing in a nice watch is a meaningful gift that symbolises that your relationship (whatever it is) has longevity. For a really special gift, personalise it by getting a message inscribed.


Give him an experience he will never forget

Now, not all gifts have to be physical items, sometimes the best gifts you can give are those that create great memories. I personally would get Joe a Whisky drinking experience, to take a friend on because let’s face it, Whisky = Vom. This isn’t limited to Whisky – buy track days, comedy show tickets, mini breaks away. Whatever floats the man in your lives boat.

Subscription boxes aren’t just for girls

Subscription boxes have been becoming a big thing for girls the last few years, but there are plenty for men too. There are boxes for practically everything. For all his grooming needs you can get him a ToppBox subscription, or give him the gift of bacon with a Cure and simple box.

Tempting technology

Men like there tech, well, in this day an age we all do. But whether you gift him an Amazon Echo, a VR headset or the latest video game, you are likely to be onto a winner.

Boys smell…. good

While some men aren’t all up on the fragrance front, others love a good bottle of aftershave. Find his favourite and buy a bottle, or buy him one that you like. Alternatively, you could make a fragrance especially for him.

Scratch and go…

If you’re buying for someone that suffers from wanderlust, why not get something to document his travel? This world map comes with a coin so you can scratch off the countries they have visited.

Show you’re interested

No matter how close you are to the man in your life, they will always have some interests that you don’t. I don’t hate Star Wars, I do enjoy the films, but let’s just say Star Wars is to Joe what Hary Potter is to me. That makes it pretty special to him, so while I would probably not got to a Star Wars exhibition on my own, I love him so I would go with him to make him happy. Where would that be for your loved one?

Whether you are alone, with a partner, or celebrating with whoever, have a great Valentines or ignore the holiday altogether, because we shouldn’t need to restrict showing love to some pre-approved holiday.


Love Lilla xx

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