Wedding | 5 things to think about when planning a wedding abroad

No I’m not getting married again, but I am my sisters maid of honour. This comes with a lot of
responsibility,mainly reassuring my sister and pointing out little things that I have learnt from planning my own wedding abroad. I think there are several big things to think if you want to get married in another country.


I wasn’t planning to have a church wedding. My wedding was at a private villa, so knew that I had to get officially married in the UK. The law varies from country to country. It is quite difficult for non Spanish residents to get legally married there.


When you’re planning weddings in your own area, you have a knowledge of suppliers.  You can go off recommendations from people you know. When you’re planning abroad it’s a bit harder. Yes, you can google and find reviews, but it’s hard to gauge a person via email, or see envision what the venue will look like from pictures.


My sister has found all these little bits and bobs to decorate her venue with, getting them delivered to Spain is hard. We even carried sweets for the pick’n’mix in our suitcases! We’re lucky to have a lot of friend out there that we can ship things and store with them until the wedding to add a personal touch to the venue.


What is the climate like where you want to get married? I didn’t even occur to me to think about the weight of my dress or the fabric to make sure I don’t overheat. Not to mention transporting it. Always put it in hand luggage, can you imagine an airline losing your wedding dress? Fold it carefully and to get any creases out steam it by turning the shower on and hanging your dress in the bathroom with the door closed.


Yes, your destination maybe sunny 95% of the time, but it might not be in your wedding day – have a contingency. Can you move the wedding inside if it starts to rain? Or,  is it too warm to have a ceremony outside? Everyone suited and booted when it is scorching hot? Have a think, is it worth having the ceremony inside or later on in the day when the sun isn’t so strong.

Where would your dream wedding be?


Love Lilla xx

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