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Cabinet designs to add style to your bathroom

When designed and decorated with flair and style in mind, a bathroom can be an elegant, classy space for your home. However, as a room that also accommodates a great deal of storage, the visual appeal can be quickly lost to clutter.

A bathroom cabinet can be a great unit for holding your all-essential items. By carefully choosing a design that fits with your bathroom decor, they can be so much more than a storage space and add a real sense of style to the room.

Here are some popular cabinet designs, from Pebble Grey, which are worth considering to add a stylish quality to your bathroom.


Wooden and furniture styles

A popular trend in the world of bathroom cabinet design has been the furniture style, which is when a cabinet resembles a piece of wooden furniture. This could include a vintage oak dresser or Victorian chest of drawers, standing on shaped legs. Not only does this provide a beautiful set piece for your bathroom, it also offers many options for storage, such as attractive cupboards and drawers.

Wooden cabinets like this can give your bathroom a classy, rather than trendy, look. Wood can also be a good choice of material for a cabinet as it fits well with common bathroom colour schemes, such as different shades of brown. It can also be easy to match with other furniture in your bathroom, like your bath, shower and sink.

Glass and mirrored designs

If you’re looking for a trendy yet sophisticated look for your bathroom, a glass cabinet can be a good choice. Glass cabinets can blend well with other details in your bathroom, such as tiled walls, chrome surfaces and your bath and basin taps. Different types of glass doors can also add to the softness and style of the space, from transparent and tinted to frosted designs.

In addition to this, aside from making a cabinet multifunctional, a mirrored design can bring more light into your bathroom and create the illusion of space. The reflection of light and decor in the mirror can also accentuate your use of colour, while reflected images of furniture can emphasise the themes and styles you use and make the room look bigger.


Tall designs and open shelving

If space is an issue that you feel hinders your use of style, fitting a tall cabinet to hold your storage can work well. These design can be effectively placed in the corner of the room, while providing a sleek set piece to grab people’s attention when they enter. Tall cabinets can also emphasise the height of the room, creating depth, while drawing the eye upwards. This is ideal if you want a guest to notice an attractive ceiling light fixture.


Alternatively, cabinets that come with open shelving can give the styles in your bathroom some variety, creating pleasant line and shapes. With attractive items, such as colourful luxury towels and toiletries, on display, they can be aesthetically pleasing on the eye too. Open shelves can also be used to expand to the style of your other furniture and fittings, like by placing an open shelved cabinet alongside a vanity unit or next to a bath wall.


There are many ways to add style to your bathroom. When it comes to bathroom cabinets, the various designs, from wood to glass, can help create the look you desire.

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