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5 Tips to revive your tired kitchen.
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Since moving into the flat I’ve noticed our kitchen looks tired and dull. The time has come to give it a little update and revive it back to its bright, welcoming state. Not to mention getting rid of the lime green colour scheme that the previous owners went for. We plan to rearrange the rooms in our flat, turning the kitchen into a bedroom. So there’s no point in heavily re-decorating or getting a new one. So here are some great tips on how to refresh your kitchen on a budget.

Introduce Fresh Lighting

The lighting in the room is really important. Kitchens are designed to be bright and fresh making the room feel clean and open. By replacing old bulbs or lighting fixtures with new bright features, you’ll instantly notice a change in the feel of the room. You could even look at introducing some softer lighting in the form of a lamp or sidelight, or add battery powered lights under the cabinets for softer lighting in the evening.

Update appliances

Trading in tired looking kettles and toasters to update the style of your kitchen is an easy way to refresh. Kitchen trends change regularly so switching from a steel finish to a copper can transform your kitchen.

Replace your Kitchen units

Sometimes smaller changes aren’t quite good enough for giving your kitchen the updated look you’re going for, and it may be time to bite the bullet and replace the main body of your kitchen altogether. This doesn’t always have to be expensive, there are plenty of cheap fitted kitchens available on the market that enable you to choose the right style for your home. The great thing about this option is that you can always opt to paint your cabinets yourself, saving even more.

Create a Dining Space

Kitchens are becoming much more of a social area within the house. Many people now using them for dining and relaxing, rather than just the traditional cooking. Introduce a dining space will lift the atmosphere and create an area that can be used for  more than just cooking. This new area will lift the atmosphere really nicely.

Add a lick of paint

Over time the colour of a room can begin to lose its appeal. It doesn’t matter what colour you choose, you’ll almost always find that you become bored of the colour and feel like you need something new. It’s amazing just how much the changing of a colour can transform a room, especially within the kitchen and it’s always a really beneficial step to take.

Can you think of another way to freshen up my new kitchen?

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