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Shutters are a great Alternative to The Curtain
Changing the look of your décor doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated. Sometimes, simply changing one or two focal points in the room can transform the whole look and feel of the space – think curtain. Here are some ideas on how curtains can change your living room or bedroom: quickly, simply and effectively.

1. Beautiful Botanical

Introduce a floral theme by changing out your curtains for botanical prints. Think simple green plants on a white background for a fresh, clean look. Alternatively, wild petals and leaves for a more intense immersion in nature. No matter which you prefer, you are sure to find botanical patterned curtains to suit your taste and budget.

2. Chip on the Old Block

Curtains – including swags and pelmet covers are a great way to introduce a bold splash of colour into any room. Pick out a colour that harmonises with the room to create a peaceful, tranquil ambiance. More adventurous? Go for a vibrant contrast to liven things up! Colours that go well include, for example, add a splash of vibrant turquoise against pastel walls, or understated gold to enliven a darker colour scheme.

3. Geometric Look Meets Curtain

Bold colours and strong lines are features of geometric fabric patterns and a great way to add instant pizzazz to any space. Because curtains can be fitted to the room, it will fill the eye and add interest by contrasting well with the plainer room features. For ready made curtains online (with geometric and many other gorgeous styles) you can check Yorkshire Linen Co. 

4. Shutter the World In

Shutters sounds like they are meant to keep the world outside, but teamed with net curtains they can bring light but keep your privacy. If you prefer a minimal clean look then take the curtains away, exposing the shutters allows you all the privacy you could desire. Check out Ikea’s range for some great designs.

5. Keep it Natural

Emphasise any natural features in the room: a striking piece of driftwood, any wood grain furniture, and a neutral earthy colour scheme, by opting for natural fabrics in your curtains. The slightly rougher texture of plain, untreated cotton or linen adds a wonderful yet subtle depth to the décor – great for an understated but interesting theme.

6. Jewel Tones for a Richer Colour

Finally, think rich jewel tones. It may seem like brighter, deeper colours are too strong to use lavishly in décor,maybe it’s time to step outside your comfort zone! Jewel colours: ruby red, emerald green, sapphire blue, are all great ways to add instant warmth and cheer to any room. Depending on your other décor choices, this can be as subtle or as outré as you like!

What are your favourite curtain trends?

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