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Staying Safe While Gardening

Gardening the best activity you can undertake at home to keep you healthy and positive. Safe gardening is perfect for keeping the mind clear, and helps the body stay strong and healthy. There are lots of gardening tasks that can be dangerous. A family friend recently dropped a pair of gardening shears that went through his shoe and foot, ending in a trip to A&E. So it’s important to take safety precautions to ensure you’re safe whilst carrying out your projects.

Stay Safe with Protective Clothing

Before you start your gardening projects, you need to make sure your protected from any risks or dangers. There are many items of protective clothing to keep you safe. Certain tasks, such a strimming bushes, digging and so on will require safety goggles and sturdy shoes. Ear protectors help shield your ears when using loud equipment like your lawn mower, hedge trimmer and digger. Gloves are essential for almost every gardening task, like  pulling up weeds, planting your favourite seeds and cutting back the hedges. Think about your gardening clothes, long length trousers and long-sleeved tops, will keep your skin shielded and protected the sun.

Sun Shielding

The warmer days are the best for gardening, as not only do you get to crack on the essential tasks, but you can also enjoy the beautiful weather. This does, however, come with a slight risk, as too much exposure to sunlight can have a damaging affect. Be sure to apply plenty of sun cream before heading out into the garden, especially on your face. It’s vital that your re-apply as your skin will be exposed to direct sunlight. It may also be a good idea to wear a hat to keep your head cool and protected. Stay hydrated and prevent getting sunstroke.

Equipment Safety

Investing in some good quality gardening equipment is going to really help you with your gardening projects, but they’re also designed to keep you safe and secure when in use. You’ll find that many tools come with safety locks and covers, to keep you safe and prevent any unexpected problems. It’s so important to make sure you know your tools properly before using them. Make sure you read the instructions or manual thoroughly before you start to use them. With items such as ladder platforms, you’re provided with a secure space to lean, stand or balance, however, if you don’t put this up properly you may find yourself having a fall or breaking the product. Similarly, hedge trimmers and lawn mowers require certain operation, so it’s important to know exactly how to use them so you aren’t faced with any issues you can’t fix.

Physical Health Care

Some people are able to spend hours in the garden with no break, others find it difficult to work without a break. It’s important to know your limits and prepare yourself for your gardening tasks. If you know something is going to take a long time, split it up into sections and give yourself dedicated break times. Similarly, if you struggle with heavy lifting or your back is slightly weaker then ask for some help. Gardening is a fun, rewarding pastime, and you don’t want to dampen that by causing yourself any damage.

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