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Get ready for AutumnTomorrow is the Autumn Equinox, which marks the official end of Summer. It’s time to get ready for Autumn. I’m not just thinking of all the cosy knitwear shopping that can be done! Here are my top tips to make sure you are ready for the colder months.

Get ready for Autumn – The Car

I know it barely snows in the UK, especially down south in Brighton. That’s not to say it is unheard off. A few years ago, it snowed badly and friends of mine ended up sleeping in their car on the M23! It’s always better to be safe than sorry and the prepper in me has made me keep a supply of water, blankets and dry food for such and occasion.

It’s also time to think about adding anti-freeze to the water in your car, to avoid early morning window scrapping. Remember, never use hot water to defrost your window screen – it will crack, as my old neighbour discovered.

While points one and two are focused more on comfort and ease, my final car tip is pure safety. #TestYourTreads is an important campaign at moment started by Having a legal tread on your wheels is so important in the colder months, with black ice looming and if you are living in a more snow-prone part of the UK then also consider getting winter tyres.

Make Space In Your Wardrobe

I love Autumn, the days that the sun is out, the sky clear with a crisp coolness are my favourite. That is literally the best weather for my hair. My wardrobe screams for chunky and soft knit jumpers, thick tights, scarves and layering. But were on earth am I going to fit all my new purchases? It’s time to pack up the summer wardrobe to make space.

Home Maintenance

Are your gutters clear? Have you checked the seals of your window and doors? Is your boiler working properly? These are all things that you should check for before the real cold snap hits.

Now we have the boring bits checked off the list, let’s get to the fun bits. Buy candles to add more light and warmth to the darker evenings. If you like scented candles, embrace the classic Autumn/Winter smells like, Mulled wine, spiced apple, cinnamon and pumpkin spice.

Make your home feel more Autumnal. Ad soft furnishings to your home, think soft blankets, faux fur and muted oranges, reds and neutral tones. The real inspiration should be comfort.

What are your tips for getting ready for Autumn?



Love Lilla xx

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