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make your rented property feel like home

Renting isn’t for everyone. Living in a rented property while saving for your first home can be frustrating. Renting can sometimes get you down, and not feel like your. You’re paying your way to live there, so why shouldn’t you feel comfortable in your own home? There are plenty of ways to make a rented property feel like your own, no matter your budget.

Colour Yourself Happy

Introducing your favourite colours into a property is a quick and easy way to make it feel like yours. Whatever your favourite colours is, there are so many ways you can introduce these to the property. Painting is the obvious option – if you’re allowed to do this and have the time to spare, then great! You can even choose a feature wall to paint so that it doesn’t take over the room, or use wall decals for a more minimalistic approach.
If you’re not able to paint, add in accessories! Soft furnishings are a great place to start – think rugs, blankets, bedding and curtains. These items will look great against a neutral background, whatever the colour you opt for.

Furnish your Rented Property

Whether your place is furnished or unfurnished, there’s always room for your own pieces to make it individual. If it’s unfurnished, think about creating your own theme with furniture. It can really add personality to the home and make it feel individual to you. There’s all sorts of styles – and whatever material you choose, pick a theme and run with it. If you choose an oak dining table, opt for an oak corner tv unit to match. Wrought iron shelving? Get an iron bedframe to keep that vintage vibe! If you plumped for plastic chairs in the kitchen, get a plastic side table for the lounge for a fresh modern look. Tying everything together will make it look
cohesive and stylish.

If your place is furnished, get some stand out pieces to make it your own such as bookshelves, poufs, or coffee tables to match your colour scheme and make it unique to you.

Personal Touches

Nothing will make the space more personal than adding your own finishing touches and accessories. If you have the space, you can introduce items such as rugs, large lamps and wall pictures into your home in order to really give it that homely touch. These are the kinds of items that have the power to transform the space when chosen correctly and appropriately.

As soon as you put the first few items into your home you will immediately notice the difference! You can then work your way down to smaller home accessories such as cushions, pictures, ornaments, plants, flowers and candles – these are the items that will really show off your personality. Keep them all in line with your colour scheme and your rented property will be looking beautiful and feel like yours in no time!

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