Touring Solar Farms While Traveling in the United States

Steel is playing a major role in the greening of the United States, indeed the world. There are a number of ways in which steel is playing a major role in protecting the environment. First, when it comes to steel products, a considerable amount of the metal alloy used in these items is recycled. Second, steel is playing a huge role in major green energy resources, including solar farms and wind turbines.

If you are plotting a trip, and have the opportunity to check out either a solar farm or wind turbine up close, that added adventure as part of your travels will be edifying. If you are planning a trip in the United States, you have an array of options available to you when it comes to solar farms or wind turbines. These facilities truly provide an eye-opening experience to how solar energy is being used in the United States, and the vital role steel plays at these large solar farms.

10 Largest Solar Farms in the United States

Solar farms are being built in many locations across the United States. These operations truly are something to behold. Moreover, a solar farm underscores the major role steel plays in green energy at this juncture in time. Indeed, steel is invaluable to the construction of solar farms. Steel and glass are the foundations upon which solar farms are constructed.


The top ten largest solar farms in the United States are:


Solar Star – Rosamond, California


This solar far is of fairly new origin. Thanks to the availability of recycled steel, Solar Star was in operation beginning in 2015. The farm is spread over a sprawling 3,200 acres. It consists of an amazing 1.7 million solar panels. Not only is Solar Star the largest solar farm in the United States, it is the largest in the world. Solar Star has a generating capacity of 579 MW.


Topaz Solar Farm – San Luis Obispo County, California


Topaz Solar Farm is also of fairly new origin, opening in 2014. This solar farm has a capacity to generate 550 MW.


Desert Sunlight Solar Farm – Desert Center, California


Desert Sunlight Solar Farm is the third largest solar farm in operation in the country, coming online in 2015. Desert Sunlight Solar Farm has a generating capacity of 550 MW.


Copper Mountain Solar Facility – Boulder City, Nevada


Copper Mountain Solar Facility has a generating capacity of 458 MW capacity. This solar farm has been in operation since 2010 and is the fourth largest in the United States.


California Valley Solar Ranch – Carrizo Plain, California Valley, California


Generating 292 MW capacity, California Valley Solar Ranch went online in 2013. It is the fifth largest solar farm in the United States.


Agua Caliente Solar Project – Yuma County, Arizona


Agua Caliente Solar Project is number six on the list if the largest solar farms in the United States. It has a capacity of 290 MW. The farm went online in April 2014.


Antelope Valley Solar Ranch – Lancaster, California


Antelope Valley Solar Ranch, with a generating capacity of 266 MW capacity is seventh in the ranking of the largest solar farms in the country. The farm went online February 2013.


Mount Signal Solar – Calexico, Imperial County, California


Ranked number eight among the largest solar farms in the U.S.A., Mount Signal Solar began operations in 2014. The farm has a capacity of 266 MW capacity.


Mesquite Solar Project – Arlington, Maricopa County, Arizona


With a generating capacity of 207 MW, Mesquite Solar Project is the ninth largest solar farm facility in the nation. Mesquite Solar Project went into operation in 2011.


Imperial Valley Solar Farm – Imperial County, California


Rounding out the list of the top ten solar farms in operation at this juncture in time in the U.S.A. is Imperial Valley Solar Farm. The solar farm went online in 2013 and has a generating capacity of 200 MW.


In the final analysis, a tremendous amount of steel is utilized to construct each of the large solar farms. In addition to these ten largest solar farms, there are some other operations that are largest and worth a visit on your travels if you end up in the neighborhood of one of these facilities. These are farms located at:


Bakersfield, California – Kimberlina Solar Thermal Energy Plant

Alamosa, Colorado – Alamosa Photovoltaic Solar Plant

Blythe, California – Blythe Photovoltaic Power Plant

Las Vegas, Nevada – Nellis Solar Power Plant

Gila Bend, Arizona – The Solana Solar Plant

Fresno, California – The San Joaquin Valley Customer Choice Solar Farm

Solar Energy Generating Systems – Mojave Desert, California



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