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It’s hard to remember a life before the Internet. Even just thinking back 10 years ago, when using the Internet on your phone was a novelty and a real ball ache.

My generation was probably one of the first to have Internet in their home, with a dial up connection! Can you imagine waiting 2-3 minutes for a web page to load and being ecstatic? Thankfully things have improved greatly since the then with services like Talk Talk Business to provide a reliable internet connection.

How would we cope without the Internet?

Nowadays, we use the internet for everything, from watching TV to looking up where we know the actors from. Our lives are shared on blogs and social media, we keep up with the news and celebrity gossip online and a fair amount of people even use it to find love.

There’ve been a few incidents this year that made me realise just how badly I rely on a dependable broadband connection so I’m going to share some stories of #Broadbandandme.

New Home. No Broadband.

As I’ve mentioned before, Joe and I bought our first flat earlier this year. Our completion date got pushed back, so my perfectly timed appointment to have the Internet installed the day after we moved in was redundant.

Trying to get an appointment in time for our new move date was impossible. So we had no TV or Internet for over a week. At first we resorted to playing PS4. I don’t play much. We were playing Star Wars Battlefront, and I’m awful at first person shooters. In the end Joe ended up directing me into a cave so he could complete the level while I waited.

Not surprisingly, I very quickly got bored. In the end I bought extra data on my phone so that we could stream Netflix and Sky.

Starting my own business

I’ve also embarked on a new work venture and started a new chapter in my life as a social media and outreach consultant. Obviously, this depends on having a reliable broadband connection.

I recently had a meeting with another freelancer where we went to a cafe to work together. The internet connection was diabolical, we had to keep re-signing in, completely wasting our limited time together. In the end we had to find somewhere else to go. Luckily I’ve now found a few working spaces that I can use without this problem.\

How much do you rely on broadband?


Love Lilla xx

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