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As Autumn approaches, you may be thinking of different ways to decorate your dining table. Spruce up your table when you’re entertaining, turn your attention to copper-inspired decorating ideas. 

Look for Cooper hand me downs

When it comes to home interiors, including tablescaping, copper is trending. Historically, copper was widely utsed in kitchenware and for other purposes in the home. You might be surprised to find that you already have copper hidden away in your cupboards.

A copper pot that once served a practical purpose in the kitchen of your parents or grandparents can make an excellent centerpiece today. The same goes for other types of copper items that have been in the family.

Search for Some Vintage Pieces

Even if you don’t have vintage copper, you can probably in an antique shop or have a rummage round your local flea market or second hand stores.

You may be surprised at how affordable the items could be. The internet is also a great tool. Check out websites dedicated to antiques, collectables, and reselling.

Think Small 

Throughout this article, you have seen reference both to items primarily made from copper as well as pieces accented with copper. The reality is that you can add a luster to a tablescape when you “think small” in regard to copper. For example, you can utilize decorative pieces that include a touch of copper. You can further copper flare with items like place cards tripped in copper coloring. It you’re crafty, you can conjure up napkin holders using shiny, new copper pennies affixed together. The concepts and possibilities utterly are endless. You’re limited only by your imagination when it comes to copper and your tablescape.

It’s Autumn: Copper is the Perfect Seasonal Selection

There is something warm, rustic, and inviting about a copper pieces tablescape. An autumn themed table with copper pieces and accents can compliment items with things as basic as leaves, berries on branches, and dried fruits.

If you have young children, you can even get them into the seasonal tablescapping game, making decorative items for an autumnal tablescape. Such as leaves crafted from construction paper. This can add both a sense of warmth as well as whimsy, while taking advantage of copper pieces and accents.

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