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As autumn is upon us, you may be thinking of different ways to tablescape for a dinner in your home. As you ponder how to spruce up your table to entertain family, friends, or colleagues, turn your attention to copper-inspired decorating ideas. There are a variety of ways in which you can incorporate copper into the perfect tablescape.

Check Out Family Heirlooms

When it comes to home interior design, including tablescaping, copper is trending. Copper is becoming highly popular among people in the know when it comes to its use on the home front.

What you need to understand is that this trend towards copper is not something knew when it comes to home interior and furnishings. Historically, copper was widely utilized in kitchenware and for other purposes in the home. Thus, when it comes to incorporating copper into a tablescape, you may need look no further than your own cabinets, closets, or boxes in your basement or attic. Odds are that you are like many people and have family heirlooms, of one type or another, made from copper that can become excellent additions to a tablescape.

A copper pot that once served a practical purpose in the kitchen of your parents or grandparents can make an excellent centerpiece today. The same goes for other types of copper items that have been in the family for a spell.

Search for Some Vintage Pieces

Even if you don’t have heirlooms made from copper that have been passed on to you by other relations, you can access vintage copper pieces that may be ideally suited for your tablescape. Pop into an antique shop and you’re likely to find at least a few options. You may also be surprised at how affordably priced you can find at least some vintage items made of copper, or that incorporate copper, into their design.

As is the case with nearly everything in this day and age, the internet is an invaluable resource if you’re on the hunt for vintage copper pieces of some type to incorporate into your tablescape. Check out websites dedicated to antiques, collectables, and reselling.

Copper Centerpieces Tie It All Together

One unique feature of copper pieces, or items accented with copper, is that they can work to tie an entire tablescape concept together. For years, decorators and designers have extolled the ability of black, white, or gray as being color schemes that offer a perfectly neutral tie-together for a design concept, including a tablescape. The reality is that when it comes to planning your dinner party, you can add polished copper to the list.

No matter what décor concept you have in mind for your tablescape, pieces made of or accented with copper are likely to prove to be a marvelous tie-together. Moreover, this is the case no matter if you are selecting a modernistic or traditional theme.

Think Small When You Complete the Tablescape

Throughout this article, you have seen reference both to items primarily made from copper as well as pieces accented with copper. The reality is that you can add a luster to a tablescape when you “think small” in regard to copper. For example, you can utilize decorative pieces that include a touch of copper. You can further copper flare with items like place cards tripped in copper coloring. It you’re crafty, you can conjure up napkin holders using shiny, new copper pennies affixed together. The concepts and possibilities utterly are endless. You’re limited only by your imagination when it comes to copper and your tablescape.

It’s Autumn: Copper is the Perfect Seasonal Selection

There is something warm, rustic, and inviting about copper pieces and accents within your tablescape. When you think of fall, many of these same adjectives may comes to mind — warm, rustic, inviting. Copper and autumn truly do pair up smartly in many different ways.

You can truly present a stunning autumn themed table by adding copper pieces and accents into the decorative mix. You can harmonize copper pieces and accented items with things as basic as fall leafs, berries on branches, and the like.

If you have young children, you can even get them into the seasonal tablescapping game. Even in this high-tech day and age, children can have an enjoyable experience making decorative items for an autumnal tablescape making their own leafs and such crafted from construction paper. These types of additions, made by young people, add both a sense of warmth as well as whimsy to a fall tablescape taking advantage of copper pieces and accents.

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