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festive touch Christmas is such a wonderful time of year, with so many gorgeous decorations that can bring your home and garden to life even on the darkest of days. With the darker mornings and evenings now upon us, it’s time to add a festive touch to the garden to bring it to life. With so many beautiful ways to transform your garden into a magical space, it’s important to be considerate of the wildlife that life in and around your garden and ensure you keep them safe and comfortable. Here is a selection of great ways in which you can add a festive touch to your garden, whilst keeping the wildlife happy at the same time!

Christmas Door Decorations

One of the most popular decorative touches at Christmas time is the wreath you use to dress your doors. As the first thing people see when they enter your home, you want your door to be a special greeting that makes people feel welcome, and by hanging a beautiful wreath finished with stunning baubles, glitter, ribbon and pine cones, you can transform your front door and create the perfect look. Similarly, you may find that a simple, yet festive ribbon may make the perfect finishing touch to your front or back door, to make the area stand out and create a pretty focal point.

Dress Your Pergola

Ever wondered what you can do with your pergola at Christmas time? Well, a beautiful way to add a festive touch is to introduce some baubles to the roof. Hanging baubles from your pergola will instantly transform the space whilst creating an enchanting magical garden feel. Perfect for relaxing with a hot chocolate underneath, or admiring from your toasty warm living room, you can create a stunning look without having to put much effort in at all.

Light It Up

With the darker days rolling in, you want to be able to enjoy your garden and really make the most of the space you have, but it can be difficult. By introducing some delicate fairy lights to your garden, in a number of different ways, you can light up the area and bring a magical touch to the area. Starting with your fence panels, you could drape some fairy lights along to highlight the fencing area and outline your garden itself. Similarly, you could add some beautiful lights to the trees and hedges in your garden, using more than just the ground space and bringing a lovely touch of festive character to your home.

Crafty Conifers

For those of you who are lucky enough to have conifers in your garden, now is the perfect opportunity to add some beautiful touches to them and bring the festive spirit to life. Creating some crafty touches to add to your conifers is a great way to get the little ones involved, whilst also adding some personal touches to your garden. From personalised baubles, to ribbons and lights, you can create lovely selection of Christmas conifers that will draw your garden together perfectly.

Seasonal Feed

At this time of year, the wildlife in your garden are trying hard to find themselves food and keep warm, so providing them with some seasonal treats will ensure they feel at home. From mixed berries or special bird feed, you can find a selection of tasty wild animal treats to leave out for your furry visitors and make sure they’re safe and have plenty to nibble on throughout the festive period!

Love Lilla xx

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